Why Us

We're qualified.

We attain our goal of providing ISO 9001-quality service by continuing to improve our existing delivery system through ongoing internal and external audits

Unbeatable customer service.

We pride ourselves on our phenomenal customer service. If you have an issue, we will address it and with extreme care.

It works.

Our program really works. Each client's situation is analyzed and will be provided a plan that works best for them. You can't go wrong and we have satisfied clients to prove it.


CCCF helped me when I thought there was no hope.
Mr. John Franklin
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Step 1 - Budgeting Assistance

The first step of our full-circle debt freedom program is your free debt analysis and budget plan. Our certified credit counselors will...

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Credit Counseling

Step 2 - Credit Counseling

After having been given your free budget analysis, we can differentiate if credit counseling is the right program for you. Using calculations...

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Step 3 - Financial Education

This step is crucial to staying committed to the program, furthermore, remaining fiscally responsible which plays into many key factors of life. We offer...

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