Ask Alanis

Are you still Christmas shopping?
Those of you that have been on top of your Christmas-shopping game and are finished with shopping – congratulations! To those that are mocked by those who have all their presents wrapped and under the tree, don't worry, you can still get it done! Get it done and get it done at a great price – just listen to Alanis.

Circumstances sometimes don't allow for early shopping, finances, work and the busy mundane etc…I'm sure most can empathize. I myself have done essentially all of my shopping online and highly recommend it. Yes, the earlier the better since weather conditions and overloaded shipping can delay delivery – promised or not. However, I can say that shipping companies have improved their preparedness for the increasingly popular online-shopping movement.

Why not shop online, rather than at your local shopping mall?
Let me give you a few reasons:

Beat the Crowd
We all know that Christmas is the time of year that retail stores receive their highest revenues, thus it is the busiest time of year and masses of people is imminent. Escape the crowd, save on gas, sit at your computer when the kids have fallen asleep and cozy up in your PJ's and sip on hot cocoa while you shop in peace and quiet.

Competitive Pricing
Considering you are not limited by distance in the virtual world of online shopping, the options are nearly limitless hence, prices get competitive. Infringe on the opportunities, amazon, ebay, overstock, and even your local retail stores may have better deals online than in the actual store.

Is it too late?
Each online store should have posted guarantees of when your items will arrive. Like I said, take into account Mother Nature who is somewhat unpredictable and give it an extra day if you can. If you can't, hopefully you don't need it, but I wish you the best of luck.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!