Press Release

Wells Fargo Hands-On Banking Senior Module
Livermore, CA - Septembmer 13, 2013

Consumer Credit Counseling Foundation Inc. (CCCF) would like to announce its support of Wells Fargo’s Hands-On Banking Program, which has a special module specifically for seniors. Hands-On Banking is an easy-to-use online program that is completely free of charge. Being a Wells Fargo client is not a prerequisite of the program. This financial education service will address the financial literacy challenges and unique needs facing seniors today. On September 13th CCCF participated in an online presentation that offered a first-hand look at Hands-On Banking and how it can help members of the senior community. The senior module offers in-depth information on an impressive variety of topics including planning for retirement, social security, money management, health and long-term care, and estate planning.

The first half of the program focuses on healthy financial habits, like those mentioned above. The second half emphasizes information about elder financial abuse; the primary topics being recognition of elder financial abuse, prevention, and related articles. The site also features online tools that will calculate the cost of a loan, the value of an investment, mortgage costs, and the Rule of 72.

Wells Fargo’s community involvement dates back to the 1800s and that spirit of volunteerism still thrives among Wells Fargo employees. Their commitment to community is evident in their willingness and desire to present the modules in person. Hands-On Banking team members are seeking opportunities to teach the fundamentals of credit and finance to the East Bay and the Greater Bay Area. Alternatively, Wells Fargo representatives are offering to teach the seminar to program coordinators and presenters from local nonprofits, so that they may teach the material to their own clients. These seminars can become regular events, and can feature guest bankers who would offer even more financial insight.

For those without internet access, the Hands-On Banking modules are available on CD-ROM, as a written guide, and as a live presentation. The website, live presentations, and all additional materials are available bilingually. In addition to the senior module Hands-On Banking has programs designed specifically for adults, young adults, teens, children, Military, and entrepreneurs. Much of CCCF’s outreach is focused on helping the senior community, which is why CCCF is excited about Hands-On Banking’s senior module as an excellent resource for seniors.

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