Press Release

Wise Use of Credit
Hayward, CA – April 17, 2015

On April 17th, Consumer Credit Counseling Foundation and Tri Valley Housing Opportunity Center were invited to Sara Conner Court to give a presentation on the Wise Use of Credit. In the presentation, attendees were taught the basics of what credit, a credit score, and credit reports all are. This helped them get a better understanding of how to improve their finances. Sara Conner Court is a low-income housing complex that is part of Eden Housing. We have had a longstanding relationship working with Eden.

Ishwinder Judge, of CCCF had this to say: We have been working with Eden Housing for quite some time now, and we enjoy presenting there every time. “Managing Your Money” is a topic that we feel is very important to get a good understanding of.

As a local nonprofit credit counseling agency that also offers free financial education seminars, CCCF is a valuable resource. Consumer Credit Counseling Foundation is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt non-profit agency with offices in Livermore, California. Founded in 2002 by Ishwinder Judge, our mission is to provide free counseling on budgeting, the wise use of credit, and other financial topics to our clients nationwide and especially in the nine-county Bay Area. We also aim to provide low-cost debt management services to those who need it. We are members of the American Independent Consumer Credit Counseling Association (AICCCA) and meet AICCCA’s rigorous standards of ethics and operational excellence. To learn more about Consumer Credit Counseling Foundation and our community outreach please visit us online at

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