A debt management plan is just one of the options to fit different financial situations.
Consumer Credit Counseling Foundation has helped people around the country improve their financial futures. Here are just some of the benefits our clients receive:
  • Lower monthly payments
  • Lower interest rates
  • Stop collection calls
  • Stop late and overlimit fees
  • Bring accounts current
  • Consolidate into one monthly payment
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Consumer Credit Counseling Foundation, Inc. (referred to herein as “CCCF” for brevity) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit company, and is required by state law to provide you with the following disclosures prior to providing consumers with credit counseling services:
1. Fees: CCCF provides low cost financial education and counseling on money management, credit, budgeting, and other financial topics to the general public. CCCF may assess a fee of up $50.00 where permitted by law for its counseling services, however, CCCF may waive fees or assess fees lower than the stated amounts above based on financial hardship, which is dependent on the consumer’s current financial situation, or state law or regulation, and is determined on a case-by-case basis.
2. Funding: CCCF receives funding from various city and state grant programs.
3. Upon request, CCCF will provide consumers with free bilingual counseling services or provide professional interpreter assistance to any limited English proficient consumer to ensure consumers are able to receive our services.
4. All CCCF credit counselors are required to be certified by a bona fide third party certification provider that accepted by all states in which credit counseling licensing is required prior to providing credit counseling services. Credit counselors are also required to undergo continuing education in order to meet certain state licensing requirements. All CCCF credit counselors are certified as certified personal finance counselors through FinCert.org.
5. CCCF’s credit counselors may discuss with consumers various options or recommendations during the course of their credit counseling session(s). Some of these options or recommendations may be include services that could have a negative impact on the consumer’s credit score.
6. CCCF shall not receive referral payments from other agencies, not shall it make payments to other agencies for the referral of clients, except under a fair share agreement.
7. CCCF is required to provide clients with a certificate upon completion of the counseling services provided to the client.
8. Consumers will have the opportunity to negotiate an alternative payment schedule with regard to each unsecured consumer debt under terms as set forth in 11 U.S.C. § 502(k), which states that the court, on the motion of the debtor and after a hearing, may reduce a claim filed based in whole on an unsecured consumer debt by not more than 20 percent of the claim, if the claim was filed by a creditor who unreasonably refused to negotiate a reasonable alternative repayment schedule proposed on behalf of the debtor by an approved nonprofit budget and credit counseling agency and if the offer of the debtor was made at least 60 days before the date of the filing of the petition; and provided for payment of at least 60 percent of the amount of the debt over a period not to exceed the repayment period of the loan, or a reasonable extension thereof, and that no part of the debt under the alternative repayment schedule is non-dischargeable. The debtor shall have the burden of proving, by clear and convincing evidence, that the creditor unreasonably refused to consider the debtor’s proposal, and that the proposed alternative repayment schedule was made prior to expiration of the 60-day period. CCCF does provide this service to consumers, and consumers may incur additional fees as such where permitted by law.
9. CCCF may disclose client information to the United States Trustee in connection with the United States Trustee’s oversight of the Agency, or during the investigation of complaints, during on-site visits, or during quality of service reviews.
10. The United States Trustee has reviewed only CCCF’s credit counseling services and that the United States Trustee has neither reviewed nor approved any other services the Agency provides to clients
11. Clients shall receive a certificate only upon completion of counseling services.
For questions regarding this disclosure form please contact us at:
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