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Consumer Credit Counseling Foundation, Inc.

Our Mission

Consumer Credit Counseling Foundation, Inc. is committed to assisting individuals, families and communities helping to eliminate their financial hardships. Offering an extensive program providing debt relief solutions, we assist with unsecured debts and private loans, while providing budget counseling services and educational workshops.

Our Vision

Consumer Credit Counseling Foundation, Inc. will remold the non-profit debt relief foundation and services by our industry leading program. We strive to decrease consumer debt and teach financial foundations, building a stronger and educated community laying out the frame work for a society being debt free and educated on financial management, security and freedom.

Our Quality

Consumer Credit Counseling Foundation, Inc. strives and is committed to quality practices. Improving and maintaining quality management systems to benefit our customers, our company and all interested parties. Our commitment to quality is expressed throughout our entire business practices. Being ISO 9001:2015 certified we work continuously to improve in house program processes and customer service through our continuous internal audit system, preventative action strategies and regulatory management review of our internal systems. We are committed to:

• Understanding the needs and expectations of each of our customers in regards to their debt management, continuously meeting and exceeding their expectations.

• Our excellence in complying with our customer’s creditor’s to secure program success, plan proposals and timely payments; and

• Providing our customers with the highest quality of debt management tools and financial education, eliminating their debt. We not only treat our customers with the highest quality of service but our employees have a wonderful work environment by providing them tools, training and support to grow within our organization.


Recent Workshops

Febuary 1st - March 1st, 2018

Eden Housing - Livermore, CA

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Previous Programs

October 24 & November 6, 2013

Tri-Vally Housing Opportunity Center - Livermore, CA

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Senior Showcase Fair

November 15, 2013

Foster City Recreation Center - Foster City, CA

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